Hi everyone,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The season is under way and the Lions teams I have seen on the team are impressive. The teams are big in number, big in size and talented beyond belief. The Coaches are well prepared, as usual and all indications are that we are in for one heck of a Lions season.Image
Spring Houseleague is quickly getting ready ( I hear equipment pickups start April 17th, for those that have paid their fees) and are Coaching ranks are pretty much set. As always, this time of year, we need more Spring player. So, get the word out. Tell your friends to sign up. Tell any football friends that haven’t signed up yet to get off the couch. Spring League start the week of May 1st and we will be raring to go.

Winter Camp is half over and we have seen lots of new faces and some good, raw talent from the rookies. Here’s hoping all those players fund fun in the drills and games and want to make “real football” part of their lives going forward. If anybody has any questions about anything to do with Cambridge Lions Football or Our fantastic Spring Development Program, please write me at webeldham@rogers.com.

That’s it for now! “COME FEEL OUR PRIDE” GO LIONS!!!


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